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With His Ring
(The Brides of Bath, Book 2)

Now available as audio book

With His Ring (narrated by British actress Rosalind Ashford) is now available in audio format at the following sites:

eBook cover

Original paperback
(ISBN: 0-8217-7248-1)


Finalist Best Historical
(Texas Gold Romance Award)

Glee Pembroke has turned down countless offers of marriage because she has secretly been in love with her brother's best friend, Gregory Blankenship, all her life. When she learns Gregory will lose his considerable fortune if he's not wed by his twenty-fifth birthday, she persuades him to enter into a sham marriage with her. What he doesn't know is that she plans to win his heart. She will do everything in her power to make him happy – including mimicking the ways of a "fast" woman since he's noted for alliances with women of that sort.

Why did he ever allow himself to marry the maddening Glee? He'd thought they would have great fun, but at every turn, she exasperates him. Why does she persist in wearing the bodice of her dresses so blasted low? Why do other men persist in flirting with her, his wife? And why in the blazes has his heretofore complacent life been turned upside down by this sham marriage? He finds himself longing for a real marriage, but for reasons he cannot divulge, that can never happen.

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"Cheryl Bolen does it again!"

At the tender age of 19, Glee Pembroke, sister of Viscont Sedgewick, feels she is on the shelf.  And why not, when the man she loves thinks of her as a sister?

Gregory Blankenship, or Blanks to his friends, has an aversion to marriage.  But the death of his father turns his world upside down. Either he marries or loses his inheritance to his likable half-brother.

Seeking advice only gets Blanks into more trouble, and with Glee of all people! Placed in a compromising position by his dear friend Glee, Blanks is at first angry, then relieved.  A marriage of convenience could solve his problems.  But Glee’s cinnamon-red hair and emerald-green eyes may not be so convenient for Blanks after all.

Cheryl Bolen does it again! This is the second book in Bolen’s Brides of Bath series. There is laughter, and the interaction of the characters pulls you right into the book.  I look forward to the next in this series.
Romantic Times, 4 STARS

"With His Ring has plenty of sensuality, a villain that will make your skin crawl, and a voluptuous rival..."

Glee Pembroke has her sights set on the man of her dreams, Gregory Blankenship, one of Bath’s most sought-after bachelors.  The problem is Blanks has been running from the altar almost since the day he was born, thanks to memories haunting him from a troubled childhood.  Content to squander his money on gambling and loose women, Blanks has no desire to change his free-wheeling ways until his father dies and leaves him control of his sizeable estate.  There’s just one catch.  Blanks must marry by his 25th birthday--less than a year away--or lose it all to his younger brother.  Glee happily offers to become his bride, content to get him any way she can, even if only through a marriage of convenience.  Blanks, however, is too honorable to allow her to enter a loveless marriage just to spare his fortune, so Glee resorts to trickery to wed him by the deadline stipulated in his father’s will.  But getting Blanks to the altar is nothing compared to the difficult task Glee has ahead—winning her husband’s heart.

If you liked Cheryl Bolen’s first installment in her Brides of Bath series set in Regency England, you’ll like this one.  Glee is the younger sister of Felicity, the heroine of Cheryl’s January release, The Bride Wore Blue.  As usual, Cheryl gives her readers a realistic stroll through the period and an indomitable heroine to root for—one who is not above sacrificing her dignity for the man she loves.  The reader’s heart will go out to Blanks, a sensitive hero, who finds himself strongly attracted to his beautiful wife but who fears the consequences should they actually fall in love.  Cheryl admits Glee is her favorite heroine in the series, which now includes a fourth installment set for release in May 2003.  With His Ring has plenty of sensuality, a villain that will make your skin crawl, and a voluptuous rival for Glee who becomes the heroine of the third Brides of Bath book, The Fallen Woman, due out in August—sure to be a steamy read for a steamy month.  Even if you’re not a Regency fan, check these books out.Happily Ever After

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