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Contests and Drawings

Win a $50 gift certificate
to eBookstore of winner's choice

The Jewels of Historical Romance (a group of 12 historical authors who have successfully published both in New York publishing houses and independently online) sponsor a monthly contest, and the November contest prize is a $50 gift certificate to the eBookstore of the winner's choice.

Visit the Jewels of Historical Romance website and fill out the entry form by midnight PT November 30, 2014.

Earlier Jewels' contest winners were:

October Barbara Van Walsen, Moorestown, NJ
Kathy Luehrs, Crest Hill, IL
Danniell Hampton, Burney, CA
July Lorelei Frank, Roseville, MI
Joan Woods
May Karen Haas, Flushing, MI
April Linda Moore, Huntsville, AL
March Loretta Dexter
Jena Lang, Seattle, WA
Jennifer Mathis

The Jewels of Historical Romance are comprised of Jill Barnett, Annette Blair, Cheryl Bolen, Lucinda Brandt, Glynnis Campbell, Tanya Anne Crosby, Colleen Gleason, Danelle Harmon, Brenda Hyatt, Lauren Royal, Laurin Wittig, and Cynthia Wright. (Click here for more details on the group.)

New giveaway announced
I have started a new giveaway at FreshFiction.com. A $15 Amazon.com gift certificate will be awarded in a monthly drawing. The first winner is Debra Stone of Connecticut. Readers can enter the drawing at Fresh Fiction.

Other winners announced
Winners in several drawings/giveaways have been announced:

Cashmere scarf - Laurie Gommermann of Wisconsin

Autographed copies of Marriage of Inconvenience

*Vanessa Primer, Washington
* Roslynn Ernst, Kansas
* Sharri Spiers, Virginia
* Jeanne Sheets of Pittsburgh (SOS Aloha blog winner)
* Sue Galuska of Ohio (Miss Ivy's Book Nook blog)
* Ann Gonzales of Alabama (Karen's Killer Book Bench blog)
* Angela Searles of North Carolina (Fresh Fiction drawing)

Autographed copy of Love in the Library - Diane Sallans of New Jersey

E-book Giveaways:

* With His Ring - Lori (Manic Readers blog)
* Love in the Library - Justine (Romance at Random blog)
* Love in the Library - Jaime Ravenwood (Booklikes)
* Love in the Library - Jodi Shatten  (The Romance Reviews drawing)
* His Lordship's Vow - Jade Gonzales (Jewels Salon, Valentine's Ball)
* With His Lady's Assistance - Marilyn Watson (Jewels Facebook Salon, Valentine's Ball)
* Christmas Brides - Diana Gould (Jewels Facebook Salon, Valentine's Ball)
* A Most Discreet Inquiry - Megan Altman

Ongoing review drawings

I have an ongoing contest for reviewers of my eBooks.  If you read one of my books and post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Smashwords or any other site where you might have read it, please send me an email at Cheryl@cherylbolen.com and I will enter your name in one of my quarterly drawings for a $50 gift certificate to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or I-Tunes. Each time you review one of my books, let me know, and you will get another entry for each review. Information on entering my drawings can be found at the back of every one of the eBooks I have published. (Editions from Harlequin and Zebra/Kensington do not have that information, but readers of those books can contact me for information on my quarterly drawings.)

Quarterly gift card winners

The 2014 third quarter winner was Lynn Velier, San Diego, Ca.
The 2014 second quarter winner was Maria Perrotti, Florida
The 2014 first quarter winner was Clara Tretola of Mt. Pleasant, S.C.


Cheryl's eBooks are available at:

Amazon.com for Kindle Reader

Barnes and Noble for Nook reader

Kobo for epub editions

iTunes for iBook editions

Smashwords for epub editions


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