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Counterfeit Countess:

"It gets no better than this!" Detra Fitch

Huntress Books Reviews

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"This story is full of romance and suspense... Highly recommended reading! ... 5 stars"

By Detra Fitch
Huntress Book Reviews

Edward, the Earl of Warwick, awakened to shouting in his home. Upon locating the source he met Maggie. She claimed to be the widow of the Earl of Warwick, just arrived from America. Edward gently informed Maggie that her late husband, Lawrence Henshaw, had never been a titled gentleman. In fact, Lawrence left England just in time to avoid the hangman's noose. Lawrence had been a traitor to the Crown. Edward informed his superior, in the Foreign Office, about his unexpected visitors and was instructed to keep an eye on Maggie at all times. After all, Maggie could be a spy or Lawrence may have left her something of importance to England.

Maggie Peabody Henshaw had no idea that her countess title had been yet another lie by "The Scoundrel". This bit of news implied that she was now penniless, stuck in London, and responsible for the welfare of her sister and maid. She had no choice but to accept the Earl's help. Maggie needed to marry well, and quickly, if they were to survive. Edward persuaded Maggie to stay at Warwick Manor. Her story was to be that she had married the old Earl shortly before his death and was staying with the new Earl for awhile. During that time, she could search out a husband. She did not know that Edward was only helping her so he could keep an eye on her.

Both Maggie and Edward were attracted to one another. However, Edward was already pledged to Lady Fiona in Yorkshire and Maggie had several men vying for her hand in marriage. Then the attacks on Maggie began...

***** Readers, that is as much as I can say without giving anything vital away. This story is full of romance and suspense. The author, Cheryl Bolen, has added some enticing sub-plots that kept me glued to the book. Within these pages you will find danger, betrayal, many suspects, romance, and some delightful secondary characters that I pray to see have their own stories told someday soon.

Once again the author has proven herself to be one of the best authors in the Regency Romance field today! No one can resist a novel written by Cheryl Bolen. Her writing talents charm all readers. Highly recommended reading! *****


"Readers who like their Regencies spiced with danger and desire will love Bolen's humorous and sexy romance."

By John Charles
American Library Association

Maggie, the countess of Warwick, has one very useful talent: she can cry on command. After arriving in London with her younger sister, Rebecca, her faithful servant, Sarah, and her beloved cat, Tubby, Maggie finds this gift coming in handy when she discovers that she isn't really a countess. It seems her much loathed late husband was not the earl of Warwick, but rather Lawrence Henshaw, a despicable scoundrel who borrowed the title to escape the hangman's noose.

Edward, the real earl of Warwick, seems indifferent to Maggie's dilemma until she turns on the tears. What Maggie doesn't know is that Edward has other reasons for keeping her close: the sexy earl hopes that Maggie will reveal information about her late husband's traitorous schemes.

Readers who like their Regencies spiced with danger and desire will love Bolen's humorous and sexy romance with its quirky characters, including an independent heroine who can't help but blurt out her innermost thoughts.

"A delightful romp of a Regency."

By Kathe Robin

Maggie Peabody travels from Virginia to England to claim her late husband's estate, only to discover the scoundrel lied. Maggie isn't a countess at all, she's an imposter's penniless wife. She throws herself on the mercy of Edward, the real Lord Warwick.

Edward has been evading "The Scoundrel's" schemes for years, but what is he to do with stunning beauty who claims she is his wife? Warwick lets her stay in his home and masquerade as his uncle's widow. He also needs her nearby while he investigates the possibility that her "husband" was a traitor.

This is a delightful Regency romp complete with matchmaking, traitor hunting and finding just the right man when you least expect it. Bolen pens a sparkling tale and readers will adore her feisty heroine, the arrogant, honorable Warwick and a wonderful cast of supporting characters.  4 STARS

"This is a fun read with likable characters and a clever plot."

By Suan Wilson
The Best Reviews

After a grueling trip across the Atlantic with her younger sister, Maggie arrives in London ready to take possession of her late husband’s home. Maggie hopes that returning to her Royalist parents’ homeland will improve her precarious situation. Her choice of Lord Warwick as a husband had proved disastrous. The scoundrel left her not only penniless, but humiliated her by dying in a brothel. Upon arriving at Warwick house, Maggie discovers he also lied about his identity.

Edward, Earl of Warwick, awakens to females invading his home. Edward recently inherited the earldom after his reclusive relative died. Calming the beautiful, but hysterical woman, Edward realizes the culprit’s identity. Lawrence Henshaw, an Englishman spying for the French, impersonated the earl just before fleeing England. With some misgivings, Edward, who works for the Foreign Office, extends his home to Maggie.

As poverty looms over Maggie’s head, she implores Edward to help her find a husband. Edward, drawn to the vexing creature, reluctantly agrees. When attempts are made on Maggie’s life, it’s apparent she unknowingly has information the French want. Working together to get the answers, Maggie and Edward try to ignore the sparks between them. Edward is betrothed to another, and honor will not allow him to break the engagement.

This is a fun read with likable characters and a clever plot. Readers enjoying a forthright, strong heroine will love Maggie. And Edward proves to be the perfect counterpoint. A pleasant read! 

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