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Counterfeit Countess

Brazen Brides, Book 1
released September 1

Maggie thought she was married to an earl . . . but it seems her late and unlamented husband lied to her from the day they met. Now penniless and stranded in London, she has thrown herself on the mercy of the real Lord Warwick.

Edward, the Earl of Warwick, desires only to get rid of the beautiful woman who arrived at his house with no less than fourteen trunks, a younger sister, a maid, and a very large cat. But her late husband held the clue to the identity of England's greatest traitor, a clue the Foreign Service must get at any cost. Edward will have to guard her night and day, but can he guard his heart?

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The Brides of Bath complete set

All 6 Brides of Bath books are now in one eBook set for big savings. The set is available at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. The set is not available at Amazon.com.

The Brides of Bath:

The Bride Wore Blue
With His Ring
The Bride's Secret
To Take This Lord
Love in the Library
A Christmas in Bath




House of Haverstock Series
Three classic marriage of convenience regency romances

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Free audiobook for The Bride Wore Blue

A new Audible.com promotion gives readers a chance to get a free copy of The Bride Wore Blue audiobook. Click here for details.

We're working furiously to make all six books in the Brides of Bath series available in audio with narration by British actress Rosalind Ashford. The Bride Wore Blue (book 1 in the series), With His Ring (book 2), The Bride's Secret (book 3) and To Take This Lord (book 4) are now available at these sites: Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

Boxed sets for 99 cents or free

Scandalous Brides
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New contest
for Halloween

I am participating with Night Owl Reviews in a new contest for Halloween. There is a $1000 prize pool, and readers can begin entering HERE on October 1.

Guide to
Stately Homes
Geared for those who dislike driving in England, England's Stately Homes by Train gives travelers clear directions on how to visit England's stately homes by rail, with London as the suggested point of origination.
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